Frequently Asked Questions

How it works

How do I pause, cancel, reschedule or change a subscription order?

If you are heading away or feel like a break, simply click here to log into your account and click on View Subscriptions. Please note – we are not able to make changes past our cut off times.

Can I choose the dishes in my subscription box?

Yes you can, you can pick whatever combination of meals you want for your family. Click here for more information on building your order. If you toddler only wants to eat the beef stew (we can’t blame them, it’s delicious).

You also have the option to update your order under your account, but remember we are not able to make changes past our cut off times.


Storage and cooking

How do I reheat my meals

Defrosting and reheating your Little Dish correctly will help to ensure that everyone enjoys dinner time. See more information on reheating your Little Dish.

How to store my Little Dish Meals?

Our meals are designed to be stored in the freezer until you want to eat them. You can find the best before date on the vac pack bag and on our packaging.

Your Little Dish meal needs to be stored in the freezer at -18°C and when defrosting its safest at the back of the fridge at approx. 3°C

Can I put the packaging in the oven or microwave?

The vac pack bag and our packaging are not designed to go in the oven or the microwave. Reheating your Little Dish couldn’t be easier, the vac pack bag can go straight into simmering water. See more information on reheating your Little Dish.

Can we take the meals on the plane?

Yes. That the great advantage of Little Dish meals is that you can take them on holiday in NZ with you and on the plane.

You just need to pack them in a little chilly bag with some ice packs.

What is the best way to package the meals when travelling?

In a chilly bin or a small chilly bag packed with ice packs or ice (especially in the summer).

About our Dishes

Why do your meals taste just as good as if they were cooked in my kitchen by a chef?

All of our meals are lovingly hand made by Little Dish’s Chef/Dad Tom. To lock in all that taste, goodness, freshness and nutrients we use the latest blast chilling technology (see more information on chilling with Little Dish). This means when you gently re heat (see more information on reheating your Little Dish) our Little Dish meal, it takes it back in time to when it was cooked by Tom.

Little Dish’s blast chiller is our key to locking freshness, flavour and form into your toddler’s meals. It also maximises nutrition and is an integral part of our process to provide the safest meals possible for vulnerable populations.

How we ensure Little Dish meals are high quality for your family

  1. The quality of our produce
  2. The quality of our meat
  3. Cooked lovingly by Tom our Chef (Louis and Mason’s Dad)
  4. Our supply chain. Little Dish veges get to Tom within 36hrs of being picked so they’re super fresh, and contain a higher nutrient content because they haven’t been sitting on a supermarket shelf for days or in your fridge
  5. The way we cook. Little Dish meat is slow-cooked for 10 hours, with no additives, just the real deal ingredients. Our vegetables are sous vide cooked so the taste and nutrients are retained in the vegetable.
  6. Keeping your family in mind. We know how hard it can be for your toddler to get used to new textures and Tom spent put a lot of thought & time into ensuring the texture of our food would stand up against even the fussiest small human
  7. We use the latest technology. The way we chill your Little Dish meal with our blast chiller locks in flavour, nutrients and keeps your meal as safe as possible

Can my 1year old eat the meals?

Yes. All of our little meals are made with little ones in mind. We cut the meat and vegetables to the right size for a toddler. This is so important as so many toddlers struggle with the size of and the texture. This is why we have focused so much on making the meals so easy to eat. We ensure our meat is very tender & we go to extra lengths to make our food tasty without adding any salt or sugar. How is it possible that the food tastes so good with no seasoning? That comes down to our Chef Tom and his years of restaurant experience.

Is there any additives, salt or sugar added in the meals.?


I am pregnant/breast feeding, can I eat your meals?


Food Safety is paramount

Children under five, adults over 65, pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems are considered “vulnerable populations” in the food industry. Food borne illnesses can be much worse for our vulnerable toddlers.

Providing toddlers and families with the best and safest food is our raison d’être. Little Dish goes above and beyond what the Ministry for Primary Industries requires for vulnerable populations. The result is food that is safer than an A grade restaurant and even home-made meals.

How can this be? Three words: hygiene, heating and cooling. See more information on the Safest Little Dish.

Isn’t safer for my toddler to eat meals that we make?

Little Dish goes above and beyond what the Ministry for Primary Industries requires for vulnerable populations. The result is food that is safer than an A grade restaurant and even home-made meals. (See blog The Safest Little Dish)

How can this be? Three words: hygiene, heating and cooling. See more information on the Safest Little Dish.

How many servings per meal in your little size?

Our little meals are for little people aged between 1-10yrs old. Our three year old eats a whole meal and our 16mth old eats half a meal. So it really depends on whether or not you have a big eater on your hands. Feedback tells us that because the little ones love the taste of the food they often eat more than what they normally would.

The level of protein in our meals is so high that per serving there is enough protein for 1-3 yr old in this single meal or around70% for a 4-8yr old.

Protein is a source of energy but its main role in the body is growth and repair. It helps in the formation of muscles, hair, nails, skin and organs, such as the heart, kidneys and liver. See our range for ingredients and nutritional information.

What if the meal is too big?

Option 1: If your Little Dish meal is still frozen , slice through the vac pack bag with a knife- and cut to size. Then place the leftover back into the freezer or fridge to serve within 48hrs.

Option 2: Defrost your Little Dish meal in the back of the fridge and serve as much as you need and keep the rest to be eaten in the next 48hrs (once opened).

Option 3: Which is what happens in our household – the parents eat the rest because it’s so tasty and healthy!

Are little dish meals better than fresh meals?

How fresh is fresh? Despite your best efforts, raw fruit and vegetables may have travelled some distance from their place of harvest to first sit on a supermarket shelf and then wait in your home fridge before being eaten. That delay may mean a significant loss in nutrients. Studies have shown that if vegetables and fruit are quickly frozen in their prime, then there is no great nutritional difference between fresh and frozen. In fact, in some cases, the frozen produce is better!

Unfortunately, I can’t serve up each meal fresh at your home. However, Little Dish is doing the next best thing. We ensure that the produce we buy is fully ripe when picked, there is a short time between harvest and cooking and we use the latest technology in freezing, a blast chiller. See more information on chilling with Little Dish

Do Little Dish products contain dairy / gluten / nuts / eggs / soya?

Our ingredients are gluten, nut and egg free.. We cannot guarantee that our meals are safe for people who have a severe allergy as we have not tested for this.

The green and tomato risotto and the lasagne contain dairy and lasagne may contain soy.

All of our meals are gluten free, and have been tested to ensure there is very little contamination of gluten (thus meeting the standards set in NZ for declaring our food gluten free).

Where do you deliver to?

We deliver to all of Auckland except rural delivery. Rural delivery is sub contracted and we cannot guarantee they will deliver the parcel within 24hrs of sending it.

How will my meal stay frozen if I am not at home?

At checkout, add delivery notes of where you want the parcel to be left if you are not at home. Please leave a chilly bin out for us, with some ice blocks. We will place the meals in the chilly bin for you.

How much is delivery?

Delivery is $8 within Auckland

For all meals ordered before 11am they will be delivered the next day. Any orders after 11am will miss the courier pick up for that day, so will be delivered in two day’s time from order.


Our Packaging and Sustainability

Is your packaging sustainable and biodegradable

Yes. Our bright colourful packaging is made from limestone off-cuts bound for landfill. Even more exciting, their manufacture uses only renewable solar power and no water, acid or bleaches while creating zero pollution and zero greenhouse emissions. Our packaging is so much fun that we recommend you find other uses for it, like a bag to hold all those pencils and crayons. With time and sun, the packaging will biodegrade. See more information about sustainable Little Dish.

Our meals are packed and sealed in a vac pack bag. These bags are recyclable and can be recycled with your soft plastics.

Why are your meals vac packed?

Vac packing locks in flavour, taste and nutrients. Freezer burn/damage is something of the past, and with vac packing and using the latest blast chilling technology Little Dish can provide you with the best tasting, high quality, and maximises nutrition. See more information about chilling with Little Dish.

How much food and packaging wastage do you make when you produce the meals?

There is next to no food waste in Little Dish’s kitchen, even the broccoli stems get used. I take the vegetable peel waste for our home compost. I look forward to using this compost next year for my own vege garden.

My veges get better each year as more worms move in
Chefs are pretty good at making something out of nothing: we look in a near empty pantry and see a myriad of dishes. We are also good at leaving nothing out of something. Hardly anything goes to waste at Little Dish and that kind of sustainability is important.

Toddlers/Children are not just our customers; toddlers/Children are our future. Little Dish has gone to extreme lengths to feed that future in a sustainable and environmentally friendly way. See more information about sustainable Little Dish.



Human help, whenever you need it

Every customer gets access to our customer support through the our website — just send us a message and we’ll get back to you.


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